My First Bet

The first time I ever made a bet I was sixteen years old. I looked a lot older than my age and I had no trouble placing the bet. I had saved up $500 I had earned at the Dairy Queen that summer. As my father was a gambler I knew all about the ponies. […]

The Poker Chip

To write this article saddens me greatly. It is a story of great heart break and pain. And all because of a poker chip. Many years ago when I left my village and traveled to the new world I vowed that I would work hard, save my money and send for my father. My father […]

Get a Gambling System

The difference between my old country and my new country is enormous. In this country you can take five dollars and turn it into a million dollars. In my old country that same five dollars would feed your family for a few days but you could never turn it into more than that. Gambling is […]

How to Win Money Gambling

Over the years, how much money have you lost at gambling? It’s funny. Nearly every gambler that I have ever asked that question to has answered it the exact same way. They tell me “Hank, over the years I haven’t lost money at gambling or I haven’t won money. I’ve come out even.” There are […]

The Magic Baseball Betting System

First of all, if you don’t believe in beautiful witches, magic spells and gambling systems you may want to skip this article. I don’t blame you. I never use to either. This happened to me years ago. I had this baseball betting system that made me quite a lot of money. There was nothing magical […]