First of all, if you don’t believe in beautiful witches, magic spells and gambling systems you may want to skip this article. I don’t blame you. I never use to either. This happened to me years ago. I had this baseball betting system that made me quite a lot of money. There was nothing magical about it. It was all scientific.

What I did was gather all the pitcher stats. I kept a book on ever pitcher and how they had done previously under certain conditions. Whether it was a night game or a day game, against each and every individual team. How they did in certain stadiums and against other pitchers etc etc etc. I kept all these stats in a giant accounting book. Yes, this was before computers.

From all this data I manually gathered over a period of 3 or 4 years my system had allowed me to pick quite a few winners and on a regular basis. In other words, for 6 months of the year I didn’t have to worry about the rent or anything else for that matter.

Now this is the part where the beautiful witch and the magic spell comes in. My girl friend, Agatha, and I had been together for a few years. She had always told me that she was a witch and that she had come from a long line of witches including her mother and grandmother and great grandmother. Of course I didn’t believe her. But she was so damn beautiful I didn’t care.

There was this one summer stretch where my baseball betting system wasn’t doing too good. During a 3 week period I hadn’t picked a single winner. This was highly unusual and had never happened to me before with this system. Like I said this system was very scientific and the variables never changed.

I’ve never been the type of person to give up on a winning betting system. It goes against my nature. I stick with the system, tweak it now and again, try to perfect it and let the odds take their natural course.

But during this 3 week losing stretch I was truly perplexed. I had never seen this betting system do so poorly. That’s when my girlfriend, Agatha, decided to put a magic spell on me. She told me the spell would make my betting system work again. She told me it was a lucky magic spell.

Of course I laughed it off. But Agatha went ahead and cast her spell anyhow.

The next morning when I awoke Agatha wasn’t anywhere to be found. But there was this black cat in the apartment that followed me everywhere I went. I almost tripped over it a dozen times. I don’t know how it got in the apartment but it sure liked me.

I got dressed and went down to the corner store to pick up a newspaper. On the way home I was reading the box scores and wouldn’t you know it but I had picked the winner in every baseball game I had bet on. It had been my biggest pay day that summer.

I thought to myself maybe there was something to this witch craft stuff. I rushed home hoping Agatha was there so I could tell her that her spell worked. When I got home Agatha was still gone. But that black cat was still there. It jumped in my lap and I stoked it.

I waited all day for Agatha to come home. When the clock hit midnight and she still wasn’t there I was frantic. I was ready to call the police.

But first I decided to call Agatha’s mother to see if she had heard from her.

I explained to her that I hadn’t seen or heard from Agatha all day. The first thing Agatha’s mother asks me was “Did  Agatha do a magic spell recently?”

I told her yes. Then she asked me if a mysterious black cat was in the apartment. Again I told her yes. Then she started laughing like crazy. She was laughing so hard she almost choked.

She went on to explain to me that ever since Agatha was a little girl she was always mixing up her magic spells. And more often than not she’d end up turning herself into a black cat.

Well, that explained everything. And the moral of this story is to always believe in your betting system. There is no such thing as luck when it comes to gambling. Don’t give up on your betting system if it’s a proven winner. Sure, you may take a beating from time to time. But that’s the odds at work.

Nothing is a sure thing every time. But I made more money from that baseball betting system than any other betting system I have ever used.

Copyright Hank Bolt. All rights reserved.


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