Over the years, how much money have you lost at gambling?

It’s funny. Nearly every gambler that I have ever asked that question to has answered it the exact same way. They tell me “Hank, over the years I haven’t lost money at gambling or I haven’t won money. I’ve come out even.”

There are too many Casinos’, online gambling joints and bookies that are rich today for that statement to be true. Ever see an OTB go under? I haven’t. It’s a billion dollar industry. And the rich are getting richer.

So I asked myself, ‘Why are so many people losing so much money at gambling?’

Most gamblers I meet are intelligent people. Why is it when it comes to gambling they lose? Is it that the odds are stacked against them? Is it that they get greedy and they do not know when to stop? Is it bad luck?

From my general research of observing these gamblers I have come to the conclusion that the greatest disability they have when it comes to gambling is that they don’t have a betting system down pat.

Most people change their betting system every two days. There all over the place. If it works today they will try the same gambling system tomorrow. If it doesn’t work tomorrow they’ll try something different the next day.

Can you imagine a corporation running their business like that? ‘Let’s see, this process worked yesterday but it doesn’t today so I think we will change the process tomorrow to something different.’

You’re darn right they don’t do that. They research a process beforehand and stick with it.
They fine tune it along the way but they don’t throw it out the window if one small thing goes wrong.

Then I looked at the smart gamblers I know. The ones that I’ve observed over the years that are consistent winners.

I asked myself this question ‘What makes them different?’

From my general research of observing these gamblers I have come to the conclusion that these gamblers are constantly educating themselves. They research betting systems, they find the system that best works for them, and they are constantly tweaking the system to make it better. They are professionals.

They don’t throw the betting system out the window because they had a bad run with it. What they do instead is try to make it better. That’s what makes them different.

I don’t care if its craps, the slots, handicapping a horserace, poker, black jack or sports betting these guys have their betting system down pat. They know it’s a winning gambling system and they stick with it.

If you don’t have a winning betting system get one. If you can’t come up with one yourself purchase one. They are all over the net. Do some research. Find out what betting system is best for you.  

Stop losing and start winning.

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