Hi, my name is Joseph Pigliatti. I am also known as Joey the Pig, Shotgun Joey, Joey the Mook, Mug Shot Joey, Joey Make Me Weep and Joey Cheesecake. If you don’t mind, I prefer Joey the Pig.

Anyhow, the good people at gambleonthis.com have asked me to write an article about the time Octavio Waxed Ears Bertolucci put a hit on me. It is a bad memory but I will try.

The incident occurred at the Miami racetrack. Waxed Ears was a made man and he was showing off his brand new horse named Sissy. Waxed Ears loved this horse more than he loved his wife. And I don’t blame him, the horse was beautiful.

I was down in Miami on business and since I love to gamble I went to the racetrack. I ran into Waxed Ears at the betting window where he insisted on taking me to the stables and showing me his new horse named Sissy.

Upon seeing the horse I immediately said “Waxed Ears, Sissy is so beautiful I could make love to it.”

Unfortunately for me Waxed Ears is hard of hearing. Hence the nickname. I later found out that he thought I had said, “Waxed Ears, you are a sissy and you are beautiful and I want to make love to you.”

As you can see there is a great big difference from what I said and what Waxed Ears thought I said.

Anyhow, Waxed Ears put a contract out on me the next day. To make a long story short, I had to make things right with the local Don, Meatball Moe the Mobster. He squared things up for me with Waxed Ears. But Waxed Ears has never forgiven me and has never spoken to me since. Though, every Valentine’s Day he does send me a card with flowers.

I hope the good people at gambleonthis.com liked my article about how I almost got whacked. I enjoyed remembering it.

Until next time, arrivederci.

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