I come from a land of violence. I do not share my real name with you for fear of revenge against my family. My story is very humble but sincere. It is not for the faint of heart.

In my land money is freedom. If you have money then you can prosper. If you have no money then you are a slave.

My story centers around a card game. A game that most know as Blackjack. In my land it is known as Jackblack.

Myself and my friends (or should I call them my enemies?) were playing Jackblack one Christmas Eve. Most of my money was in the pot. The dealer (who I shall only refer to as Three Fingers for fear of revenge) was smiling a twisted little grin at me. He knew I had to win or there would be no Christmas cheer in my household. I was staying put with a 17. I had the king of clubs showing and the seven of hearts in the hole. Three Fingers had an eight of spades showing.

Did he already have me beat? Would he take another card? Was I feeling lucky? You will have to read below to find out..

Three Fingers was so close to me that I could smell the garlic on his breath. He looked at me with weasel eyes and coughed the cough of a man with no heart. At that moment I hated him.

Three Fingers decided to draw another card. He drew the ten of diamonds. Which busted him! I gathered my winnings and was about to leave the game when the violence broke out. Three Fingers stood up, looked at me with his weasel eyes and cold heart and shouted at me “Not so fast, Giancarlo Casio!”

He then pointed his index finger and his baby finger at me (luckily for him these were 2 of the 3 remaining digits he still had on his hand) and said “Giancarlo Casio, I hex you and I hex your first born male child.”

My heart jumped a beat and I was petrified. For Three Fingers was known as the greatest hexer of my village. I could do nothing but leave my village, leave my country, change my name and go to a new land.

I got a job in a casino where I watched the great gamblers of our generation. I watched them closely and studied them. I befriended them and they taught me their gambling systems.

I became an expert at Texas Holdem, 7 card stud, NBA betting, the slots and bingo.

But to this very day I have not had a male child for fear of the greatest hexer my village has ever known.

Copyright Giancarlo Casio. All rights reserved.
Giancarlo Casio is a very proud man that writes from his heart.


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