As my curly black hair cascaded down my shoulders I looked into the dealers eyes and my blood boiled with lust. This was the most beautiful dealer I had ever seen. She had the hands of a thief and the face of an angel. If only I had trimmed my moustache earlier.

When she spoke it was like the heavens were singing. This is what she said “Hold’em or fold’em.”

Sure, the words were not poetry, but it was the way she said them. They sang off her tongue like a dove in the wind.

There was no way I was folding. How could I let such a beauty slip away? Besides, we were playing ‘Wild Hold’em Fold’em’ and I was holding a king and two deuces and deuces were wild. I was out to break her nut!

I bet and watched her nimble fingers deal me another card. The king of spades. I had her where I wanted her. I raised.

As she dealt me another card I caught my reflection in her eyes. Yes, I looked good. I was terribly handsome. Don’t hold that against me.

The final card was irrelevant. She was mine. I was going to take her and I was going to break her nut. I gave her a smile. One of my sexy smiles that was guaranteed to melt her heart.

It was at this point that she reached across the table and slapped my face and said “Get that smirk off your face cowboy. You have been ogling me all night!” And she abruptly left the table.

Security then ushered me and my winnings out of the casino very quickly. Another night, another bankroll.

I thought that the next night would be a good night for Blackjack. I’d look for another casino with a female dealer who me and my sexy, devil may care smile could out fox.

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