Sex and a Slot Machine

I was never one for slot machines. But my friend, Annabelle, swears by them. We usually go to the casino together once every other month. When we get there we usually split up. I go to the poker or blackjack table and Annabelle heads straight to the slot machines. Now Annabelle is a bit different […]

The Cheat

Though I have been a gambler all my life I use to make a living as a private investigator. One of the strangest cases I ever came across, while being a private investigator, involved a jealous husband, a cheating wife and craps. The husband, whose name was Jose, hired me because he believed his wife, […]

How to Win Money Gambling

Over the years, how much money have you lost at gambling? It’s funny. Nearly every gambler that I have ever asked that question to has answered it the exact same way. They tell me “Hank, over the years I haven’t lost money at gambling or I haven’t won money. I’ve come out even.” There are […]

The Slot Machine Whisperer

There’s an urban legend out there about a man who could go into any Casino in any town, walk straight up to a slot machine, whisper something into its slot, tug on its arm and out would pour a jackpot. He was known as the Slot Machine Whisperer. Well, I’ve never met anybody like that. […]