The Poker Chip

To write this article saddens me greatly. It is a story of great heart break and pain. And all because of a poker chip. Many years ago when I left my village and traveled to the new world I vowed that I would work hard, save my money and send for my father. My father […]

My Lucky Charm

I use to have a lucky charm. It was a toe ring. I wore it on my baby toe. An old boyfriend of mine had given it to me. It was a cheap little thing. I don’t know why I even wore it. Call me sentimental. The first night I wore it to a casino […]

Gambler and Hex

I come from a land of violence. I do not share my real name with you for fear of revenge against my family. My story is very humble but sincere. It is not for the faint of heart. In my land money is freedom. If you have money then you can prosper. If you have […]

Gambling and Organized Crime

Hi, my name is Joseph Pigliatti. I am also known as Joey the Pig, Joey Toe Jam, Two Guns Joey and Joey Cream Pie. If you don’t mind, I prefer Joey the Pig. The good folks at asked me a question the other day and requested I answer it in an article. Their question […]

Strip Poker

Is gambling better than sex? Some people equate money to power. Money can give you a lot of power. But it can also strip you of the power if you lose it. Some gamblers would rather gamble than have sex. Not me, I want it all. I have had some of my deepest and most […]