Though I have been a gambler all my life I use to make a living as a private investigator. One of the strangest cases I ever came across, while being a private investigator, involved a jealous husband, a cheating wife and craps.

The husband, whose name was Jose, hired me because he believed his wife, her name was Diana, was cheating on him. This was many years ago. Jose believed his wife was cheating on him because when he got home from work he found that his wife, Diana, smelled of cigarettes. And Diana didn’t smoke.

He also noticed, as time progressed, that the housework was not being done regularly. His shirts weren’t ironed, dusting wasn’t being done and they ordered pizza for dinner more often than not. Needless to say, Diana was a stay at home housewife.

Jose thought Diana was fooling around on him during the day when he was at work. He was quite upset by this because he dearly loved Diana. So he hired me to find out.

In those days, when I was a dick, this was the kind of case I was usually hired for. I didn’t mind. It paid my bills. The cases were usually boring. And the spouse that hired me was usually right.

The first day on the case I staked out Jose’s house after he left that morning to go to work.  Not fifteen minutes after he left I saw Diana leave the house. Diana was a very beautiful young women and she had fire in her eyes. I figured this was going to be a short case.

I followed Diana that morning straight to a hotel. Only it wasn’t a hotel room she was going to. It was the hotel casino. She went straight to the craps table. I watched her the rest of the day just incase this was a rouse and she was going to sneak off to meet a lover. She never left the craps table until 4 in the afternoon. Then she went straight home. Fifteen minutes after she got home Jose got home. Thirty minutes later a pizza was delivered.

I followed Diana for a week and every day she did the same thing. Straight to the hotel casino craps table until 4pm. And then straight home. Followed by a pizza or Chinese food.

There was nothing unusual in this. Diana loved to gamble. The only thing that was unusual was that she mostly won.

Anyhow, I gave my report to Jose who was more than relieved to find out it wasn’t another man. But he was confused. He couldn’t figure out where she got the money from. He gave her money for the household but it wasn’t a lot. He couldn’t figure out how she was gambling away all her household money but still managing to put food on the table.

When I told him that when I observed her she mostly won he wouldn’t believe me. I week later he called me up on the phone. He told me he confronted Diana about the casino and shooting craps all day. She told him that it was true and that she mostly won. When he asked her for proof she took him to the basement and showed him a pillow case stuffed with cash. There was over thirty thousand dollars!

The next day Jose quit his job. And Diana became the talk of the Vegas strip. The woman with the golden arm. I’m not sure if they still talk about her today. But she was known as Diana the Dice Diva.

Copyright Hank Bolt. All rights reserved.


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