Is gambling better than sex? Some people equate money to power. Money can give you a lot of power. But it can also strip you of the power if you lose it. Some gamblers would rather gamble than have sex. Not me, I want it all.

I have had some of my deepest and most intense orgasms after winning big at a casino or a poker table. There is something about money and sex that go together. Money is quite the aphrodisiac.

The first man I married was over 30 years older than me. I was young and a bit of a bimbo when it came to men. He was a gambler, distinguished and loved Blackjack. He liked to have me around because I looked good on his arm and I knew how to gamble. It gave us something to talk about. Sex was very plain and we did not have it very often. But the gambling was sensational!

There is a balance you have to achieve. It’s like most things in life. Too much of the same thing becomes boring. Can you imagine winning every hand of Texas Holdem or Blackjack you played? Can you imagine having sex 24 hours a day? Hell, I’d miss the action in the casino. Just like I’d miss the action in the bedroom if I stayed in the casino 24 hours a day.

I can remember the first time I associated sex with gambling. I was eighteen years old and at my boyfriend Big Mike’s house. We were all alone as his parents had gone out of town to a funeral. Anyhow, we started playing Blackjack for pennies and then Big Mike asked me if I wanted to play strip poker.

I agreed – after all, Big Mike wasn’t called Big Mike for nothing. This was the first and only time I ever cheated at gambling. I was a much better poker player than Big Mike. But I never won a hand and he had me naked in minutes. What happened next I’ll leave to your imagination.

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